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Wedding Trends to Ditch: What's on the Way Out

2020 was a bust, and we'd be lying if we didn't say we were SO happy to see it go. But along with each year and wedding season, there are trends that live and die within the industry. Just like 2020, sometimes planners, designers and photographers aren't sad to see them go, even if they've been some of the most popular. There are only so many ways to style the same decor over and over!

But that's the thing about a trend, eventually it reaches it's height, and then it's time to move on. Just like clothing trends or home decor, you should keep your wedding design fresh and timeless. Here are a few trends to avoid in 2021 and beyond!


I am BEGGING my 2018 and 2019 brides to PLEASE not come for me on this one!! BUT, that's where this trend needs to stay. While I can definitely appreciate some farmhouse decor and a good antique feel, there are new ways to bring that feel into your big day than doing the same old, over done mason jar flowers on a wood slice. If this is a decor option brought to me by a bride, I will do everything in my power to steer you down a different path here, be prepared! Here is a new way to enhance that barn wedding/farmhouse feel!

Ditch the mason jars for a simple,rustic table centerpiece with these rectangular wood lanterns. The flowy feel of floral and greenery in these structures is an updated, upgraded version of a simple farmhouse/barn wedding look!


If you're trying to steer clear of 80's vibes at your wedding,cancel the chair covers. Most wedding venues will give you the option to upgrade chairs if you absolutely do not want to use their house chairs. This, I feel, is worth the extra $ as to not date your photos and feel of the wedding. Another way to dress up the chairs without a full chair upgrade is to go with a simple sash! Tie in some greenery to really spruce them up!

PULL THE (traditional) PASTELS

While baby blues and pinks seem like a traditional pick for your wedding palette, 2021 is prompting us to think outside of the box. This year, natural, neutral color palettes are in (think taupes, tans, greens, black, white) or on the other end of the spectrum, vibrant colors! Try to stay earthy and bold! As far as pulling this into florals, don't be afraid to ask your florist (or planner! ;) ) about dried grasses and dried florals for your bouquet, or off the wall floral to pull into your bouquet to keep your look unique!


Take it from a planner who ends up packing up 1/2 of the favors you distributed at table settings by the end of the night! You. Do. Not. Need. Favors! Don't get me wrong, everyone loves a little gift. However, most favors are overlooked or forgotten entirely. Instead, take that money and invest in your chair upgrade, an extra activity on your honeymoon, or toward your floral budget! Let your guests know how much you appreciate their presence by taking a moment during speeches to say thank you.

If you feel like you'd love to still offer a favor, head down the path of USEFULNESS. As long as your guests leave with something unique that they can use, they are more likely to keep it.


While more of a tradition than a trend, I find that many couples' biggest struggle during the wedding planning process is expecting parents to pay for the entire wedding, or certain portions. Discuss with your family ahead of time and do what works for you personally. It's important for you to save for your own wedding too to be sure you will have a comfortable budget and there isn't unnecessary pressure on either set of parents to foot the bill. This will reduce stress in the long run!

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