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Kids at Your Wedding: How to Do It Right if You’re Doing It at All

Here's the scenario: you choose to have children as guests at your wedding. Maybe your guest demographic is friends who all have kids around the same age, maybe you have a large family with cousins and siblings with tons of youngsters (like my family!) and it’s difficult to expect all of those guests to find sitters for a kid-free night out.

You decide that maybe you can host the kiddos too, so they can be a part of the fun. BUT, now you have a situation. How do you keep them busy? What accommodations do you make specifically geared towards them?


While children should have a spot at their parents’ tables to eat, a designated table off to the side for kids to hang out is always a good idea! Include items at the table like kids activity mats, crayons & colored pencils for them to color and complete the activities. This will keep them busy for at least a little while!

Buy these mats here:


Kids love to feel like adults and pretend they have a ”job” in most situations. Place the cheap disposable cameras at each childs place setting, or in a basket on the kids table, and allow them to use the cameras to take their own photos of the day! * Wait until after the ceremony to give them access to these, however!* then, after the wedding, get them all developed and see what they captured!


Print off a pre made wedding scavenger hunt list and place these on each child’s place setting or at the kids table for them to walk around and find the items listed! They won’t have to pick up or move the decor or items involved, just check mark when they are found.


Most kids aren't going to be huge fans of Italian, BBQ or the beef/chicken options at the wedding, so be sure to let your caterer know how many children will be in attendance. they will help you to choose the best kids meal options for your kiddos! Often times caterers well pre-plate the kids meals so that you don’t have adults grabbing chicken tenders and fries off of the buffet 😂 ( trust me, it happens!)


YES, THIS EXISTS! Here in Columbus, you can find the Social Sitters, who provide activities in a kid friendly setting on the same site as the wedding! Here's a snippet from their website!

"Social Sitters is a special event child care company servicing Central Ohio. Our team provides a pop-up care setting at your event, for ages 6 weeks-12 years. Weddings Receptions, Conferences, Corporate Events, Meetings, Religious Gatherings & More

As a certified and insured resource, we strive to give our clients an unforgettable, convenient, safe, and fun alternative to adults only events. Our event sitters bring all the activities we need to keep your littlest guests entertained and having fun for hours. The best part about it? We're just a room space away!"

Check them out here!

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