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How to Design Your Tablescape

If you're anything like me as a bride, one of the first things you thought about when you started the planning process is design! What vibe have you always dreamt about for your wedding? The colors, textures, metallics, floral and complete feel really set the tone for your event, so this is no small job!

Tablescapes hold a lot of importance. This is where your guests will be seated for most of the night, and what they will be looking at directly. The overall feel of the table should reflect the mood; whether minimal, elegant, playful or romantic. There are so many options that can get overwhelming quick. Here are a few tips to help you design in an organized manner and save the stress!


When working with CS, we will help you with all of the linen sizing, quantities and colors, but if working on your own, consider that not every round table uses the same size linen. When choosing your main table linen color, shy away from matchy-matchy feels. Consider: if your floral is pink, don't choose a blush colored linen. You truly can't go wrong with a crisp white linen to accentuate the rest of the table decor.


If you have chosen a plated dinner for your guests, chargers are an important element of your tablescape! They add a layered, elegant look to the table and help to fill in the empty table space. It's also a great way to pull that metallic element in by using chargers that are gold or silver, or adding texture by using a unique charger like this! :

If opting for a buffet, chargers can get a little confusing to guests (if they don't know what they are) Unbelievably, you will inevitably have guests trying to carry them up to the buffet as their actual plate. If you'd like to still go for that refined look, have your caterer place plates on the tables on top of the charger instead of at the buffet to elevate the look of your tablescape, guests can then carry them up to the buffet!

DISCLAIMER: The only time I don't recommend this is if you have an outdoor reception in an area with bugs, they could get onto the plates!


Napkins are a perfect opportunity to pull in your color palette. Choose a main hue that you've utilized, possibly the same color as the bridesmaids' dresses or an accent color to your floral. For example: sage green bridesmaid's dresses, sage green napkins! Peachy hues in your floral, peach colored napkins!

There are several ways to pull texture in with your napkins as well. The standard napkin for weddings is the polyester napkin, but pulling in a cotton, gauze/cheesecloth or satin napkin can really add a unique look to your table! Napkin ties are also something to think about. Here is a link to different types of napkin ties to consider!

If you will have a menu, consider a flat fold to lay the napkin on top of. You could also try the cute knotted tie look!

Favors, Place Cards and Extras

If you are planning to have a favor to place at each place setting, consider this when choosing your napkin fold as well. Favors can be placed atop the napkin or to the top of the charger on the table. Place cards should be placed somewhere obvious for guests to easily see, in one of these two locations as well. Any extra floral you have, like sprigs of greenery, can be placed on each place setting, such as tucked into the napkin or placed beside the menu!


When deciding on floral for your tables, first consider: BUDGET (centerpiece floral can add up quick, so work with your planner and florist to determine if bringing your original floral vision to life is cost effective or if there are places you can scale back!)

Also consider the amount of people at the table and what other pieces you will be placing on the tables so that you're not too crowded in.

Tall centerpieces help to eliminate the crowding issue, as less volume of the floral is on the actual table.

Consider if you would love to have candles on the tables as well! Some popular floral, such as pampas grass, must be tall and out of the way of flames!

Floral pieces should really pull together the vibe and color palette of the whole room. Make sure your palette stays cohesive! Your florist is a pro at making sure your floral matches your mood.

After deciding on all of these main elements, don't forget to choose a pretty paper for your menus, unique place cards (Etsy is a great place to find ideas and order these!) and consider your candle/lighting choices.

Confetti Season offers design only services, so please reach out if you need a second pair of eyes to assist with your design! XO

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